Welcome to Compound Pharmaceutical Technologies!

Compound Pharmaceutical Technologies offers full-service non-sterile compounded
medications. We are dedicated to providing you the service, selection and
competitive prices you deserve. As a professional compounding service, we can
provide medicines tailored to the patient's specific needs and prepared to the
doctor's exact specifications.  Additionally, we have the ability to dispense all of your
medications through our pharmacy.

At Compound Pharmaceutical Technologies we consider ourselves a physician and
patient partner, a resource for products and information, and a source for products
designed to support maximum health.

Our number one goal is “Helping people live better lives.”  Our focus is customer
service and positive patient outcomes.  When you think Compound Pharmaceutical
Technologies, think professional, precision compounding, because it's within these
areas that our expertise lies.

We believe it is the service we provide that separates us from our competition. It
has earned us the respect of our customers and it is, in essence, the reason they
keep coming back.

If you have questions or would like more information about Compound
Pharmaceutical Technologies, contact us toll free at 1-866-591-MEDS (6337) or
via email at

*Our compounded medications are governed and prepared in accordance with each State Board
of Pharmacy in which we are licensed. We do not make any claims or references our
compounded medications are FDA approved.  
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