What is Compounding?

Drug compounding is the customization of a drug requested by a physician that
requires a specific drug dosage not currently produced by a commercial drug
manufacturer. Drug compounding is performed by a pharmacist and is customized
according to a patient’s specific dosage need.

As healthcare professionals and patients realize that there are a limited number of
strengths and dosage forms commercially-available and they may not meet the
precise needs of many patients, the demand for a professional compounding
pharmacy and patient-specific dosing has considerably increased.

Reasons for Compounding:

There are several reasons why pharmacists are called upon to compound
prescription medications. The reasons for compounding are noncompliance,
unavailable drug and unavailable strength.

Non-compliance is an issue for many patients. The reasons for Non-compliance are
often traced back to the medication or dosage form. For one reason or another
many patients fail to take their medications correctly. Compounding can help.

Some dosage forms like tablets are hard for patients to swallow. Sometimes
tablets get stuck in the throat. For this reason a patient may become non-
compliant in taking their medications. Compounding allows the pharmacist to take
a medication in a dosage form like a tablet that is hard to swallow and place it into
a capsule for the ease of the patient.

Allergies to various excipients in a medication cause problems for sensitive
patients. Because of this reason people stop taking their medications.
Compounding allows a medication to be made without preservatives, dyes or other
sensitizing components. Often a doctor will ask a compounding pharmacist to
compound a medication to aid their patient.

Bad taste is another reason a drug may not be taken. Compounding allows a
pharmacist to compound a sublingual troche or lozenge, a lollipop, or a
transdermal gel. Compounding allows the pharmacist to flavor a medication to
make it more palatable.

A drug that must be taken several times a day is another reason for
noncompliance. A compounding pharmacist may be utilized to make such a drug
into a sustained release capsule. This would allow the patient to take the
medication one or two times per day thus increasing compliance.

A second reason a compounding pharmacist is called upon by a doctor to
compound is that a particular drug is unavailable. Without the abilities of a
compounding pharmacist the patient would be left without recourse. Some drugs
that were previously manufactured have been discontinued, not because they
were ineffective or harmful but rather because it was too expensive to conduct the
required studies to keep it on the market. Pharmaceutical companies are in the
business to make money. If a drug is only used by a few patients it becomes
unprofitable to keep it on the market. For these reasons compounding pharmacists
are helping to fill a medication gap caused by economic factors.

Thirdly a reason for compounding exists because a medication may not be
available in a strength that is required. Have you ever asked why most drugs come
in only one or two strengths? Common sense says that a 300 pound man should
not take the same amount of a drug that a 90 pound youth. The reason most
drugs come in just a few strengths is economics again. Each time a different
strength is manufactured by a drug company the government demands studies,
which are very expensive. Thus the one strength fits all philosophy becomes the
norm in medicine. Compounding allows the patient to receive any strength of
medication that is right for them.

There are many reasons for compounding but the most important reason is that
compounding allows the physician and the patient to decide the correct medical
decision based upon limitless possibilities rather than the finite. Compounding is
helping patients all over the world. The reason we at Compound Pharmaceutical
Technologies compound is that we want the best for our patients. Compounding
allows us to give our patients the best healthcare opportunities available.

What Compound Pharmaceutical Technologies offers:

Compound Pharmaceutical Technologies has a state-of-the-art compounding facility
dedicated to providing patients with the highest quality of custom compounded
products available.

We have:

▫ Accreditation and Certified compounding staff.
▫ Safety standards in prescription referral and dispensing processes.
▫ Meet or exceed current pharmacy and compounding standards for state laws and

With Compound Pharmaceutical Technologies’ custom compounding capabilities
and experienced Pharmacy Staff, patients receive the exact dosage of therapy
needed, made from only the highest quality of ingredients. Compound
Pharmaceutical Technologies produces a wide variety of medications including but
not limited to capsules, creams, ointments and gels.
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